Cosmetic Breast Augmentation Surgery and Self-Confidence

Today women have many options for improving their looks and self confidence, and cosmetic breast surgery is one of them. It can be performed on an outpatient basis or in hospital setting. In the common breast surgery, your surgeon will make incision under your breast and will add implants through that opening. Thin and young patients may experience some scarring from this incision, as they have less padding under their breast.

Few breast implants are also placed through small surgical incisions made under your arm. This is mostly done endoscopically, so you should not worry aboutscarring around your breasts. However, it may leave a small scar underneath your arm.

In some cases, breast implants are also placed through cuts made in the center of nipple. Women who breast feed their kids, or are planning to have kids in future should avoid this method, as it may lead to loss of sensation in the nipple area.

Many women also undergo breast lift surgery, which is another form of breast augmentation surgery. In this, you should meet your surgeon to describe what you are expecting from your surgery, and the kind of looks you are interested in. Though end results can be perfect, or near-perfect, but you will look much improved after this surgery. You will see a significant increase in your self confidence when your appearance will be improved this way.

As with any other surgery, there is some risk in breast augmentation surgery as well. Some of the health issues include bleeding, infection, breathing or heart problems and reactions to anesthesia. Few long term results include small scars, loss of sensation in nipples, change in size of one breast as compared to the other.

Before preparing for cosmetic breast surgery, you should inform your surgeon if you are pregnant, and also inform him or her of any medicine you are taking, even when they are not prescription drugs. Your surgeon will do mammograms or x-rays before proceeding with surgery, and will also examine your breasts as your family doctor does every year.